RD Order – effective on January 1st 2024

September 2023, the Revenue Department of Thailand released theRevenue Departmental Order No. Por 161/2566 with regards to personalincome tax payments under Section 41, Paragraph 2 of the Thai RevenueCode.

According to this newly introduced order, Thai Tax Residents who haveincome from employment, businesses or assets oversea such as interest,dividend, remuneration, will be subjected to personal income tax whenbringing such income into Thailand.

This order will be effective on the assessable income that is brought intoThailand from 1 January 2024 onwards to all Thai Tax Residents, whoreside in Thailand for 180 days or more within a calendar year.

Double Taxation Elimination

To eliminate the international double taxation, Thailand has signed anumber of double taxation agreements (DTA) with over 60 countries .

If you have paid personal income tax in the other country that has signedthe DTA with Thailand before bringing such income into Thailand in thesame tax year that the income has been recognized, Tax paid oversea canbe used as a credit against Thai Tax, subjected to conditions set in each DTA.

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